1. Addy's Song

From the recording Addy's Song

This is a song I wrote for little Addyson as a part of the Songs of Love Foundation. We write personalized songs for children with serious illnesses. Great organization! Thanks to Pablo Manzarek (son of Ray) for engineering and drums & bass programming.


Addy’s Song
(By Lanny Sherwin)
Verse 1:         Addy, I bet when your toys get a boo-boo,
                        You’d do what Doc McStuffins would do:
                        You’d call Stuffy and Hallie and Lambie the Lamb,
                        Let’s not forget about Chilly the Snowman!
                        They’d be as happy as Bear Bear and Owie,
                        Having such fun like a barrel full of monkeys!
Chorus:         Addy, we love to see you smile.
                        You brighten up the Indiana sky!
                        Everything about you is beautiful,
                        We love you up to the moon.
                        Addy, this song is just for you!
Verse 2:         Your favorite movie is “Frozen”, I know,
                        You love to sing “Let It Go, Let It Go”!
                        “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is another favorite song,
                        I bet Ginger loves to howl along!
                        David, Kyanne, and Grayson, who,
                        Mommy and Daddy all love you so!