“Lanny Sherwin’s 5th children’s album is a wondrous amalgam of brilliant songwriting, excellent arrangements, and a skewed humor and perception that parents will totally dig.”” - John Wood

— Kidzmusic.com

Sherwin consistently delivers creative and child-centered original songs like few other artists. I was impressed with everything about “Meltdown". He is one of those great independent artists who is creating really wonderful music for kids.” - Fred Koch

— Chicago Parent Magazine

If you are a regular reader of Seeryus Mama, you know that I love the music by Lanny Sherwin. Best of all, it’s music that doesn’t drive parents crazy! Perfect for my 9 year old, yet my almost 2 year old loves to groove, too.  Lanny’s music is a must-have!” - Sky Seery

— SeeryusMama.com

I have to hand it to Lanny Sherwin — "Meltdown" is really great! The lyrics are hilarious and the music is very inviting to kids of all ages. This is one CD that I can imagine families listening to in their cars and singing along to while having some laughs. It would make a great present for any kid. (5 out of 5 stars)” - Product Review Editor

— Toy Directory Magazine

Lanny Sherwin’s New CD, “Meltdown”,  is a Guitar-Rocking Good Time for the Whole Family” - Amber

— BostonChildrensMusic.com

“I will go to see certain movies because of the actors or the directors, read books because of the authors, and listen to any CD by Lanny Sherwin because he always delivers the goods.”” - John Wood


Lanny Sherwin’s experience as a father is evident in these wonderfully child-centered songs. He is a keen observer of childhood experiences as well as a fine songwriter. What emerges here are well crafted songs expertly produced that have the ability to keep the kids engaged with songs parents will want their children to hear.” - Fred Koch

Chicago Parent magazine

“All of the songs are remarkable pieces of art.”” - Yvonne Gaudet


Everyone will enjoy the great variety of musical styles, superb musicianship and child-centered songs.” - Fred Koch


Kids get it.”

Cookie Magazine

“Smart and sensitive … original and imaginative … dazzling.”” - Kirsten Martindale

School Library Journal