1. "Stinky Feet"

From the recording "Stinky Feet"


Stinky Feet (By Lanny Sherwin) Chorus: Stinky feet. I know I got stinky feet Just hold your nose and then repeat: That boy got stinky feet! Verse 1: I got some nice shoes, they come in a nice box, Trouble is, I don’t like to wear socks. Then I run and I run all day, My feet sweat, make people say Chorus Verse 2: Some people took my shoes and they looked inside, Thinking maybe something bad had died. I just smiled and wigged my toes-es, They could not believe their noses! Chorus Bridge: When it comes to stink, you know I got it. You may think there’s a skunk in my pocket. Mom and Dad say that I oughta Try a little soap and water Hmmm… soap and water? Naaaaah! Chorus & Tag: …I love my stinky feet. (@2006 Sherwin Communications, LLC/ASCAP)